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Adams Wilson Band Biography

Adams Wilson has been on the New Jersey/Pennsylvania/New York/Delaware local music scene since 2007. In 2012, they released their best work so far: a 5-song EP, Lies Worth Telling, produced by one of their major influences, Robby Takac, bassist and vocalist of the Goo Goo Dolls. Lies Worth Telling represents the best Adams Wilson has to offer -- from the haunting pedal steel and smooth harmonies on "Everything is Golden" to the swirling storm of guitars on "Take It Or Leave It". These songs showcase the band's artistic diversity and redefine their place on the regional music scene.

Immediately following the release of Lies Worth Telling, Adams Wilson's cover of Paul McCartney's "Let Me Roll It" was featured on WXPN's midday program by DJ Helen Leicht as part of her "Under Covers" segment. The EP's first single, "Take it or Leave it" received multiple spins on WSTW's Hometown Heroes, and was selected as WXPN's Philly Local "Pick of the Day." "Everything is Golden" also received a number of plays on WSTW. New Jersey's Gloucester County Times and Salem County Sunbeam ran a piece about the band in their weekend "Indulge" insert.

With each new recording, Adams Wilson demonstrates a constant evolution in form and style that builds from the confessional lyrics and musical experimentation first expressed in Irrelevant Truth, a vanity project completed in 2007 by frontman Adams Eberwein.

In 2008, Adams Eberwein ventured out of his home studio to join producer Brian McTear at Miner Street Studios in Philadelphia (Burning Brides, Hoots & Hellmouth). The result was My Best Guess -- a cohesive set of indie power-pop songs like "Shoulda Been," and "Just Another Song" tied together with mournful poems like "Wait," "This is Me Smiling," and "Dear Jesus."

Guitarist and songwriter Matt Riley joined Adams in 2008, and was instrumental in reshaping the band's vibe and musical direction during a string of live performances and writing sessions in 2009-2010. Drummer Darren Darling signed on early in 2010, and injected the band with new energy and drive. This ultimately led to the first Adams Wilson collaborative project: 2011's Everything We Know, an album that covers a diverse musical spectrum from the Country spirit in tracks like "Another Night", to the Blues-heavy "Dead Leaves", to Classic Rockers like "Find Myself Believing" and "100 Mile Wind."

In 2012, the band spent a week in Robby Takac's GCR Recording Studio in Buffalo, New York, honing 3 brand new songs and 2 re-worked songs from previous albums into Lies Worth Telling. As soon as the EP was finished, bassist Brian Scorben joined the band, and has become a strong connective tissue between Riley's Classic Rock influences, and Adams' Pop and Alternative background.

So whether you find them on a stage at a festival in your hometown, or in the back corner of a South Jersey dive bar, or behind the walls of a million-dollar studio, you will undoubtedly hear the soul of Adams Wilson in their relentlessly honest lyrics that question everything we think we know, sung above music inspired by rock poets like Pearl Jam, U2, Ryan Adams, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Elliott Smith, Queens of the Stone Age, Gin Blossoms, Counting Crows, Jimmy Eat World, Screaming Trees and more...

Highlights of our recent history:
+WXPN selected "Take it or Leave it" as their Philly Local Pick of the Day on August 24, 2012.
+WXPN's Helen Leicht featured Adams Wilson's cover of Paul McCartney's "Let Me Roll It" on June 8, 2012
+The Gloucester County Times published an article on Adams Wilson on June 8, 2012
+"Lies Worth Telling," a 5-song EP was recorded in the Spring of 2012, and was released late in the Summer.
+"Everything We Know", the band's 2nd album, was released in April of 2011.
+Adams Wilson appeared in the Gloucester County Times Newspaper's "Local Music Fusion" section on April 29, 2011. Read the article here

Adams Wilson is:
+Adams Eberwein: Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
+Matt Riley: Lead Guitar
+Ryan Buzby: Drums
+(RIP) Ted Wilson: Spiritual Medium